Photo of workshop attendees and "Thank You! NCDHH" across the top.

Thank you NCDHH!

NCDHH provided sponsorship for our presenter, Seth Gore, for our 2021 Spring Fling conference. Thank you to NCDHH and their wonderful staff for all they do for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community, for sign language interpreters and for just being great people! Learn more about NCDHH at:

Hurts Donut

Thanks to Hurts Donut!

Hurts Donut in Lincoln NE has agreed to help sponsor part of our upcoming fall workshop, “Overcoming the Hurts and Disappointments in Interpreting.” Obviously, we are playing up the “Hurts” theme and are very grateful for their kind support. If you were expecting Panera bagels for Saturday morning breakfast, sorry! It is my last workshop…

Dale Percival of Financial Visions

Kudos on Community

The Friday afternoon session of the 2015 Nebraska Association of the Deaf Biennial Conference just let out. I am eagerly anticipating tonight’s showing of “The Untold Journey of Deaf Nebraskans”, the premiere is at 8:30 PM. I encourage everyone who can to come out and support this effort, and our ASL community. I was unexpectedly…