Spread Some Cheer!

From the University of Nebraska – Omaha Sign Language Interpreter Bachelor Degree Program:

We have three students that will be missing out on their Pinning Ceremony and their graduation this year.  As you can imagine, many tears were shed.  The Pinning Ceremony is like a ‘rite of passage’ welcoming them into the profession.

In this challenging times for all of us, how about taking this opportunity to spread some cheer and encouragement?
If you would like to send a card, letter of inspiration, word of encouragement, please collect what you’d like to send and get it to Ronda Rankin before May 1.

The graduates will be:
Morgan Miller
Harley Augensen
Andrea Wisniewski
Please send your items to:
Ronda Rankin

PO Box 31351
Omaha 68132
Ronda and Julie express their heartfelt thanks to those willing to help participate in this event.