2018 neRID Conference – Level Up! – Mentoring Workshop

Saturday morning September 29, 2018

Mentoring 101: This workshop is for seasoned interpreters who are ready to take the plunge and start mentoring other interpreters who want to improve their product. The workshop teaches participants to analyze interpreters products, based on their skill levels, and how to identify areas which need improvement. Whether the interpreter is novice and in need of foundational skills or is seasoned preparing for the NIC, this workshop will demonstrate ways to improve the overall interpreting product. The presenter has been mentoring for over 12 years and has worked with over 80 mentees. This workshop will share the techniques used in her own mentoring process. The day consists of going through several activities that have been helpful in improving the interpreting process. It will start with basics such as how to keep records of mentees, skill improving activities, and analysis of diagnostics. Participants will be able to use these techniques to analyze the interpreting products in their current and future mentees.

Sabrina Smith, Presenter