Interpreter Task Force Involvement Opportunity

The Nebraska Commission of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing: Interpreter Review Board
I have been an interpreter for the Deaf for the last 12 years.  I have tried everything from freelance interpreting to VRS interpreting to K-12 Educational and so on.  In the recent two years I had the privileged of holding the position as the Interpreter Program Assistant for the state of Nebraska.
Over those 12 years I have seen a lot of different things and experienced a lot of changes in the profession that has contributed to my growth as an interpreter.  With all the recent changes in the profession in the recent years, I was surprised that interpreters were not more involved with the process.  For example, the rules and regulations for OUR licensure were edited and changed in the last two years, but very few interpreters were involved with the process of those changes.  Rarely do interpreters go observe the NCDHH’s Interpreter Review Board (IRB) meetings, which provides opportunities for the community to share concerns with that advisory board.  The IRB helps makes decisions about our profession and yet we are not providing them our opinions, feedback, thoughts, concerns, etc..
That being said I am going to make it a goal to attend the IRB meetings.  I would love to have others come with me.  The IRB meets 4 times a year switching between Lincoln and Omaha.  The first meeting is going to be held on January 27th at 2:00-4:00PM.  This will be at the NCDHH Lincoln office.  If you are unable to attend but would like to contribute talk to our two interpreter representatives on the board Pam Duncan or Beth Koubsky or you can write a letter to the board.  More information about the agenda is posted online at under “Meet the Team” then “Interpreter Review Board”.(click here)
Let’s get involved this year.  Let’s have our voices heard.
If you plan on going, it would be great to know.  I would love to know collaborate or possibly grab a coffee before or after the meeting.  Hope to see you there!


Crystal Pierce

Sign Language Interpreter

neRID exists to serve the interpreters and Deaf community of Nebraska (and western Iowa). We function best when members get involved and share their needs as well as their ideas.

Thank you to Crystal for contacting us and for sharing this information, as well as writing about it.
If you are interested in responding to Crystal’s information or invitation and would like to get a hold of her, you can contact neRID at and we will help you connect.