March 2016 RID Board Meeting Summary

The Potomac Chapter of RID prepared this summary of the RID Board Meeting last week

Hello all!

As you may know, the RID Board had a board meeting last week at Gallaudet, from March 16-20. Each day, they sent out video and text updates summarizing the activity. This week, they will be sharing more information and FAQs about their decisions.

We want to make sure our members are in the know, so we’ve made a cliff’s notes version of the 7 main topics discussed. You can also watch all 6 video updates here– in all, it’s only 33 minutes. (16.5 if you watch them in 2x speed!)

Here are the topics:

NAD-RID Relationship
Power and Privilege Training
Financial Decisions
2017 Conference
Ethical Practices System
Executive Director Transition Team

– The PCRID Board

NAD-RID Relationship

On Monday, March 14, RID and NAD had a mediation meeting to discuss several issues related to their testing and certification relationship, and identified next steps. They will share more information as details of their agreements unfold.

Power and Privilege Training

The Board started each day with power and privilege training. Ritchie Bryant, Deaf Member at Large, led them through some very important discussions and self-awareness. Here are the topics they addressed during the week:

Hearing Privilege
They explored what “hearing privilege” means to each board member, and how that affects their lives daily. They also discussed how RID as an organization can reduce the impact of privilege among members – they are actively looking for what they can do from a leadership level to effect change in this area.


What is stereotyping, why does it occur, and what are the implications? The main take-away from this day was: when confronted with stereotypes, it is important to consider them at a deep enough level to understand the societal barriers that are the source of them.


The Board explored how to recognize their own expression of micro-aggression, a subtle, less overt oppression, and how to recognize it in others and how to address it in both cases.


Vidism and LGBTI Alliance
The Board discussed what they can do to work with the DeafBlind community and how we can be good allies to the LGBTI community.


Structural Discrimination
How do the systems in our world not only create barriers for some along their journey, but puts them at a disadvantage from the very start – and delays or even prohibits their achievement for success? If we each realize that one person’s access to opportunities and services may be different from ours, we may be less likely to criticize or condemn. The Board said that these daily trainings were vital for them as they think about RID’s mission, vision, diversity statement and commitment to our 4Rs – respect, roots, relevance and results.


As an example of how this training can lead to organizational change, the Board reviewed RID’s policies & demographics as they relate to structural discrimination.

Of members who self-identify their race, 87% are Euro American/White. Is this proportion reflective the profession? If not, what prevents us from growing our diversity in the profession as well as in RID? How can RID start the conversation about making the interpreting profession more diverse? The Board will look at what inclusion means via cultural norms, education, opportunities and more.


The CDI Exam

  • RID will begin accepting applications for the temporary CDI credential on July 1, 2016. This is a temporary credential until the new CDI exam is developed.
  • The Board approved the CDI test development plan as proposed by the Certification Department..
  • Passed motion to form a CDI Bridge Plan workgroup.
  • Passed motion to approve the scope of work for the CDI Bridge Plan workgroup.

The NIC Exam

  • RID will begin accepting applications for the NIC performance examination on July 1, 2016, conditional to a resolution of the ownership issues of the exam with NAD.
  • Ownership of the exam is still an ongoing discussion with NAD and this matter will need to be resolved before RID can begin offering the NIC Performance exam.
  • Approved the NIC test development plan proposed by the Certification Department.

Specialty Credentialing

  • The RID Board approved the creation of the Certification Committee.
  • ED:K-12: The awarding of this credential has been placed on hold until the members address CM2007.04. This motion is to provide clear guidelines on the acceptance of any other test/assessment for consideration of RID certification.
  • The status of this work was also recently reported by Region III Representative Sandra Maloney in the February eNEWS.

New Testing LLC

    • The Board talked about the name for the new testing LLC, and what they want the name to represent to the community.
    • Staff at HQ will take those ideas and present more formalized names for the Board to consider.

Financial Decisions

For many years, RID has followed a “deficit spending cycle”. This means that they used to borrow from the next fiscal year’s revenue to pay for the current fiscal year’s expenses. That approach has put a financial drain on the organization. For long-term sustainability and more responsible budgeting and spending practices, RID will move to a zero-based budget approach in FY17 (which starts July 1, 2016.)


Dues & Fees

HQ Staff presented a new dues and fees structure. The Board approved.

RID will start a fundraising campaign similar to one done in the 1980s- you can donate at levels called Golden 100 and Silver 250.


Testing LLC
The Board approved the FY17 budget for setting up the LLC, transferring all testing assets from RID to the LLC, as well as test development and maintenance for the CDI and NIC.


2017 Conference

The Board gave the Interim Executive Director and HQ approval to move forward in planning the 2017 conference in Region V. The Board will guide HQ to make sure the conference program reflects the Board’s priority for investing in future leadership of the organization.

Ethical Practices System

The Board unanimously approved the inclusion of a felony policy in the EPS manual to protect consumers from interpreters with felony convictions.

Executive Director Transition Team

Lewis Merkin and Connie Herndon will stay on as co-chairs of the Transition Team (TT) after their Board positions end this summer. Neither plans to run again (Lewis is Region I Representative and Connie is Region IV Representative), but both were willing to continue as co-chairs. The Board is very happy about this because this continuity will help the TT progress toward finding a new Executive Director.