2015 RID National Conference

2015 presents the opportunity to attend the RID National Conference, this year being held in New Orleans, Louisiana August 8-12.

I thought I had already shared my experiences/thoughts from the 2013 conference in Indianapolis, but I can’t find evidence of that in the Constant Contact e-mail archives, so please forgive me if some of this is redundant.

What I most remember from my first RID conference was how divided things seemed to be. There were factions between Deaf and hearing, Interpreters with Deaf Parents and those without and basically, a feeling that things weren’t as cohesive as I must have expected. Fortunately, Brandon Arthur of StreetLeverage was there and shared something that may not have been as powerful if all of the waters were calm. Brandon challenged the audience and handed out buttons with #Doable printed on them. His point, to me, was simple – look for where you can effect change and do it.

As I considered his challenge, I reached the decision that what was doable for me was to try and honor George and Elly Propp. This might take many different forms, but I wanted to concentrate efforts at improving the ASL community – be it by simply befriending those around me or by serving as president of our state RID affiliate.

So as the next conference approaches, I want to extend the opportunity to you to figure out what is #Doable for you and do it. There are plenty of opportunities out there, some official, like being an active member of neRID, some more personal, like helping your neighbor rake there leaves. Whatever you choose to do, I hope you will consider the ASL community as a potential benefactor of your good will.