About Us

We Can Do It!We are a passionate, forward-moving organization. We:

Nurture creativity through trust and support.
Energize excellence through cutting-edge learning opportunities.
Respect diversity by embracing all interpreters.
Invent destiny through honoring the past, living in the present and looking forward to the future.
Desire change through collaborative shared experience.

We live with integrity.
We are dedicated to fostering growth.
We perpetuate the outrageous.
We are the change we want to see.

 2016 neRID Board

President Thomas W. Beyer president@nebraskarid.org Thomas W. Beyer
Vice President Tina Work vicepresident@nebraskarid.org Meghann Cassidy
Secretary Peggy Williams secretary@nebraskarid.org Peggy Miller
Treasurer Deborah Teller treasurer@nebraskarid.org Deborah Teller
Central/Western Area Representative Debe Miller centralwestar@nebraskarid.org Debe Miller
Northeast Area Representative Amy German northeastar@nebraskarid.org Jenny Wood
Metro Area Representative Pamela Duncan metroar@nebraskarid.org Katie Kaldenburg
Southeast Area Representative Ben Sparks southeastar@nebraskarid.org Ben Sparks
Camaraderie Pamela Duncan celebrate@nebraskarid.org Pamela Duncan
Historian Ben Sparks historian@nebraskarid.org Ben Sparks
Membership Debe Miller membership@nebraskarid.org Debe Miller
Professional Development Tina Work conferences@nebraskarid.org Melissa Newburn
Publications Thomas W. Beyer publications@nebraskarid.org Thomas W. Beyer
Scholarships Chair Vacant scholarships@nebraskarid.org