An Awesome Collaboration

Author Kelly Brakenhoff shared with me a copy of her first book featuring Duke, the Deaf Dog, titled “Never Mind!” When I reached the end, I was amazed at how much collaboration had gone into this publication. Kelly reached out to several members of Nebraka’s Deaf community and really made an exquisite testimony to the power of working together. I am just amazed at how many different resources are exemplified in this book – print, language, family, friendship, video, illustration and more.

Kelly has produced a couple of books now, and you are most certainly invited to learn more about these by visiting her website, But I just wanted to take a moment and acknowledge the outstanding effort she made to reflect a very wonderful synthesis of people working together to make a resource accessible, educational and delightful.

I believe Kelly reflects a spirit that is shared by many people in and associated with neRID. Here’s hoping we continue to make positive impacts in our profession and to those with whom we work.