2018 neRID Conference – Level Up! – A New Generation of Slang Workshop

Saturday afternoon September 29, 2018

A new Generation of Slang: WARNING: This workshop has bad language. This workshop is also English based and focuses on English slang. Have you ever been interpreting and heard the phrase “Wow, you be channeling the chucks!!!” or “I can’t believe he threatened to steal on her!!” We all experience hearing slang working in educational interpreting, VRS, or Freelance settings, the problem is, what do we do with it? This workshop takes a look at slang that is used by the current generation of youth and addresses the issue of what does an interpreter do when they hear these phrases. Working with younger generations means understanding their language and being able to interpret it effectively. This workshop demonstrates vocabulary that will help educate interpreters on current slang, how to interpreter slang, and what to do when they are faced with terms they are unfamiliar with. The workshop allows participants to devise skills when going from English to ASL as well as working on the register needed to match their clients intended meaning. There is also a focus on skills such as: eye gaze, matching affect, register, and the overall expressive product.

Sabrina Smith, Presenter