Happy 2016 National ASL Day!

April 15 is ASL Day  (American Sign Language).  For 2016, the theme of National Library Week is “Libraries Transform” – a national observance, sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA) and libraries in each April since 1958.
And this month (April), American Association of School Librarians, one of the ALA 11 divisions, also encourages school librarians to host activities that will help their school and local community celebrate the essential role that strong school library programs play in transforming learning.
How many such librarians are aware that April 15, 2016 is also the 199th anniversary of the founding of the first public school for the deaf in America in Hartford? A good question but library friends can help promote such awareness that ASL as a language was first used at this school where deaf children can learn all subjects from teachers who use ASL!
Those of you who now teach, have children attending or/and work at the school (public or private) may ask your school librarian to let you talk about ASL at their school or in the classroom on April 15.   Also local organizations serving the deaf (OSD) or your local public library may have resources that you can ask for to share with people at the school and make book recommendations for reading.
National Literary Society of the Deaf, Inc (NLSD) will be interested to know which schools will celebrate ASL Day on April 15 (or any oher day during the month of April in 2016.   NLSD promotes books, reading and cultural programming in all parts of America.  Yes, Deaf Artists and Authors Rock at your library!  Stay tuned!