Kudos on Community

The Friday afternoon session of the 2015 Nebraska Association of the Deaf Biennial Conference just let out. I am eagerly anticipating tonight’s showing of “The Untold Journey of Deaf Nebraskans”, the premiere is at 8:30 PM. I encourage everyone who can to come out and support this effort, and our ASL community.

I was unexpectedly hit by a demonstration of community today. The lunch for the Friday session was provided by Dale E. Percival and FinancialVisions of Omaha.

Don’t know who I am talking about? I can’t elaborate beyond what you can find on the website, other than to say that FinancialVisions is a Gold Level sponsor of the NeAD Conference. Oh, and they bought lunch for everyone on Friday. I met Dale today at the conference. Dale was so inclined to make sure that he was accessible to anyone at the conference, he brought his own interpreter so that anyone could approach him, at any time.

I want to thank Dale and FinancialVisions for being models of community. He uses the resources he has to build relationships and doesn’t allow potential barriers to stop him.

This continues to be the lesson I hope we as an ASL community develop and implement. It doesn’t matter what our resources are, we can make a difference. The next assignment you interpret, do your best. Yeah, I know that should be common, but don’t discount it as vital. Our attitude should be that we are making a positive difference to those around us.

I saw it today with Dale.

I saw it today with volunteer interpreters, conference planning committee members, NeAD board members, conference sponsors and those that sat at display booths sharing what they have. Everyone is participating in building community. Everyone is participating to build a BETTER community.

Thank you. I believe and hope that you have the same goal. I know it isn’t our only goal, but let’s keep making it a daily goal.