2015 Deaf Missions Christian Interpreters Conference

April 16-18, 2015
Council Bluffs, IA

Come get a coast-to-coast feel at Deaf Missions biennial conference featuring presentations from Lance Forshay (west coast Seattle) and Carol Tipton (east coast Baltimore).

Other presenters include:

  • William F. Ross III
  • Chad Entinger
  • Mary Alice Gardner
  • Elizabeth Gardner
  • Pamela Warkentin
  • Amy Hall-McLaughlin
  • Azael and Jenna BúPerry
  • Joseph D. Josselyn
  • Suzie Pauley
  • Angie Mathis
  • Joseph Pfaff
  • Victoria Pfaff
  • Jennifer Borgailia

Find our more at the Deaf Mission’s Christian Interpreters Conference website by clicking here.