The Next Big Fad, or is it over already?

So I don’t remember when I started using Glide. It was probably about or just shy of a year ago. Some of my Deaf friends were using it so I signed up. Glide is like text messaging with video. Just yesterday I came across a video with Austin Andrews interviewing Sarah Glide at the Texas School for the Deaf. It is a cool video, so I thought I would share it:

Sarah Glide at Texas School for the Deaf

The drawbacks so far –

When you install Glide, it goes through your contact list and identifies anyone who already has a Glide account and sends them a message telling them you have joined. You don’t have any control over this.

The worst drawback is you finish your message and send it to friends, who then reply and say, “your message froze – repeat” AAAAARRRRRGHHHHH!

Oh, and when you have to sign with one hand holding your phone, it doesn’t create very flattering images.

Finally. Friends. Please do not Glide and drive. You scare the heck out of me. Especially when the phone falls from its holder on your dashboard – it looks like you just rolled your car.