Stress Management Workshop

Interpreting is a stressful and demanding occupation. Your ability to recognize and cope with work related stress is essential to your ongoing resiliency as well as your personal and professional well-being.

On May 16, Dr. Ron Lybarger will present “Help Yourself: Stress Management, Self-Care and Resiliency Strategies workshop for Interpreters” in Nebraska. The workshop will be held in Omaha at the CHI Health Immanuel Medical Center Conference Center. There is no cost to attend the workshop and CEUs will be provided.

In this interactive workshop, Dr. Lybarger will provide participants with stress management training based on scientifically proven strategies including breathing techniques, biofeedback, emotional self-regulation, cognitive behavioral strategies for more rational thinking, meditation, and yoga. The best way for interpreters to manage stress effectively is to ensure they are getting their needs met and that their internal resources are adequate. Interpreters will learn a range of stress management strategies that they can employ immediately to manage stress more effectively.

Fliers will be mailed to interpreters in April at which time you can register for the workshop. If you have any questions about the workshop please contact Peggy Williams at 402-471-3593.

-This article originally appears in The Communicator, Winter 2015 edition from the Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. You can see it in its original form here.

Stress Management Info/Registration

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